Sunday, March 29, 2015


February was a very white and VERY cold month. We had a lot of indoor playtime!!

Daddy's fort he built out of our moving boxes.
Allen County Museum

Our first attempt to meet our neighbors. None of them seemed to be alive or wanted to answer their door any of the 3 times we tried. I tried again the following week with different treats... we left it on the doorstep of one we had seen come and go.  I then had a lengthy conversation via text the next day. A little depressing we cant seem to befriend the people that live next door to us.
Not very often did it get over the negative degrees. When it did we made sure to take advantage of it!!

He found a stick for our snowman's arm!

I worked hard on this dude!

Our favorite spot in Walmart.

Elsa gave a talk this month and rocked it!! She told me what to write and she said it nice a loud over the microphone.
On our way to church!

Our only friends in Lima. The missionaries!!
Elsa helps with the lesson.
More Allen County Museum
This nugget LOVES trains!!

Elsa and Blake selfies

Another not so freezing day. SLEDDING!!

On negative degree days...

 Blake's first win...
 second win...
 third win.
 Elsa wins!
 Bridge Keeper
 Sexy Daddy playing his games


  1. The pictures of zach on the sledding day were amazing. Love all those little toots. Dont like the phrase "sexy daddy" though

  2. Love all of the fun pictures. bet yu are glad to be out of Lima

  3. These are so cute! Can't believe I missed these! Post some more!!! Love you!